Keytech srl

Thanks to its team of professional consultants equipped with over fifteen-years’ experience and strong competences, Keytech is able to:

    • Introduce itself as outstanding partner for the development of solutions and projects in the SAP and SAP Business One field;
    • Implement Business Intelligence tools contributing to the achievement of business goals;
    • Create tools for linear mathematical problems and constraint programming. ILOG-CPLEX Platform. The key to a successful maximization or minimization of the critical factors: revenues, expenses, production times, resources employed (o: assets), transports. We integrate clearly these algorithms in SAP for the user;
    • Develop Business Analytics solutions for the analysis of data of previous businesses and the development of predictive statistical models;
    • Work in the Enterprise Service Bus field on the Talend platform;
    • Provide solutions for the management and the storage of documents through the ERP systems and the workflow management.

System Integration

We develop and implement tools and techniques linked to systems integration.

Software Engeneering

We provide our clients with software packages developed here in our company to grant them increased company productivity and information management.

ERP Consulting

We keep application software updated to guarantee a high level of service.


We lead enterprises in the adoption and planning of new instruments and processes in order to respond to change without getting swept away!

A partnership consolidated by over 15 years of collaborations and constantly kept alive by the common will of offering services and products fulfilling clients’ needs.

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SAP Partner OpenSystem

We offer technological and organizational support to project activities, application management and project implementation in SAP complex environments.

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