Decision Support System and Data Science

The group of Keytech experts with the use of data science tools and technologies are able to offer a wide range of solutions to business decision-making problems in management processes. Models can be implemented, distributed and integrated transparently into SAP and legacy systems.


  • Capacity Leveling. It is possible to execute and examine proposals for automatic and excellent capacity leveling following the MRP launch considering all the constraints attributed to the work centers, finding the minimum production lead-time
  • Source Determination. It is possible to determine the optimal purchase sources. From whom to buy, to get there as soon as possible (taking into account the capacity), at the lowest overall cost.

The implementation of the models are carried out, as appropriate, with the use of IBM ILOG CPLEX or GECODE (Generic Contracting Development Environment).

Francisco Javier Garzon Fernandez

Partner , BU Manager SCM and EWM Specialist

After 6 years of consultancy and 12 as CIO in various companies, he joined the Keytech partners.

The experience and the projects made in all these years in the logistic field PP, WM, SD, MM, PM and CO have been precious to face with the maximum productivity and critical spirit the products of SCM, now put in greater evidence and relief with SAP S4HANA.

The EWM team and more generally SCM one is carrying out numerous logistics projects. Often the team uses its own and third party products to extend the capabilities, integration and efficiency of SCM SAP products.

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