Key Solutions

K-CM: Agents and Commission Management solution

Reduce the agent commissions management complexity thanks to a powerful engine designed for the calculation of flexible commissions, which allows the company to configure any type of incentive and commission for your business scenario.

K-WPIS Warehouse handling solution:

The web app for smartphones, tablets and computers destined to revolutionize user interaction with SAP ERP in the production areas and the company warehouse management.

K-TRM Advanced Treasury Solution:

The SAP ERP vertical solution to optimize the performance of business processes in the financial field: risk management, optimization of debt and investment strategies, cash and liquidity management, optimization of payments and bank communications, products and financial operations.

K-DUTY Excise Management and Digitization Solution:

Designed to respond flexibly and securely to Digitalization requirements for the Excise duties management in all areas such as calculation, accounting and telematization.
The solution is aimed at companies in the petrochemical sector and fuel and lubricant distribution companies, also with their own service station networks.
Allows to manage excise issues such as electronic DAA and DAS and communication requirements (so-called “Telematization”)

K-EI Electronic Invoicing Solution:

It allows customers to have a single interlocutor for the management of all the issues involved, reducing management costs and processes related to the active and passive cycle.

K–REVIM Solution for the VIM and Real Estate process integration:

It was born as part of the Passive Billing process in order to integrate and automate as much as possible the recognition, recording and balancing of the flow relating to the Leasing (managed through SAP Real Estate Management) through the VIM dashboard (already in use for this flow but not integrated).

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